• X-20F with Sakai Surround


X-20F Wood Burning Fires

Nordpeis is pleased to introduce the stunning portrait wood burning fire, the X-20F. With a heat output of 5kW, this stunning fire is suitable for modern, energy efficient homes and joins the existing landscape X-25F wood burning cassette fire.

The X-20F is an elegant cassette fire and has a high efficiency of 76%. It offers the low heat required for these property types whilst also making it attractive for conventional homes.

The Sakai is a purpose-built, tall and slim surround perfectly designed to house the X-20F. Integrating vents at the top and bottom, this elegant surround will make a feature focal point of any interior with its clean, minimalist style.


Heat output: 5kW
Efficiency: 76%
Flue outlet: Top
Cleanburn system:
Airwash system:
Optional external air kit:
Optional Black Floor Plate:

Height: 1640 mm
Width: 450 mm
Depth: 370 mm
Flue Dimensions: 150 mm
Log Length: 400 mm

Please note that the installations shown within this website may not conform to British and Irish building regulations. Please consult with a qualified professional installer (HETAS registered in the United Kingdom) for expert advice including the requirement for a hearth in your home.

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