Cleanburn System

All Nordpeis wood burning stoves and fires feature Cleanburn technology so they burn logs or solid fuels with outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney. It works by introducing pre-heated, secondary air into the firebox to burn the excess hydrocarbons in the smoke.


Q-34 Fargo

Wood Burning Fire

Featuring a desirable left or right hand (depending on model) aspect view of the flames, the Q-34 corner cassette fire is a highly efficient model.


Q-23 Panama

Wood Burning Fire

Featuring the contemporary Panama surround, this wood burning cassette fire has a heat output of up to 9kW.


Q-34 Panama

Wood Burning Fire

Featuring a guillotine style door opening, the striking Q-34 wood burning fire is designed with modern homes in mind.


X-20F Sakai

Wood Burning Fire

An elegant wood burning fire suitable for modern, energy efficient homes.


X-20F Taipei

Wood Burning Fire

With its stylish looks and elegantly curved back, the Taipei easily becomes the centrepiece in any living space.


Uno 1

Wood Burning Stove

The Uno 1 wood burning stove incorporates an elegant pedestal base, allowing you to enjoy the view of the flames at a higher level.


Uno 2

Wood Burning Stove

Featuring a log store base with clear glass panels, the uniquely styled Uno 2 wood burning stove is a highly efficient model.


Uno 4

Wood Burning Stove

The Uno 4 wood burning stove will create a beautiful addition to your home.


Duo 1

Wood Burning Stove

With superb contemporary styling, the Duo 1 wood burning stove features a Pedestal base and a large glass door and side windows that provide breathtaking flame views.


Duo 2

Wood Burning Stove

With 5kW of heat output the Duo 2 can heat a medium sized room and will suit both traditional or more contemporary interiors.


Duo 4

Wood Burning Stove

The Duo 4 not only offers exceptional 180° views of the flames but also features a fully enclosed ‘hidden’ log store underneath the firebox.


Duo 5

Wood Burning Stove

The Duo 5 stove boasts high elevations that not only represent a style statement but can provide up to 5kW of warmth.


Quadro 1

Wood Burning Stove

With suberb styling featuring an angular glass window dramatically wrapping around two sides of the stove, the Quadro 1 can be enjoyed from all aspects of the room.


Quadro 1T

Wood Burning Stove

The Quadro 1T wood burning stove features the same stylish pedestal base as its counterpart, the Quadro 1.


Quadro 2

Wood Burning Stove

Quadro is a sleek heater with elegant details. A wide-angle glass lens gives wide view of the fire from both sides.


Quadro 2T

Wood Burning Stove

The Quadro 2T wood burning stove will create an enticing corner feature.


Smarty Classic

Wood Burning Stove

The Smarty Concrete wood burning stove creates a distinctive centrepiece.


Smarty Concrete

Wood Burning Stove

To add a more modern twist to your home, the Smarty Concrete wood burning stove is the perfect choice.



Wood Burning Stove

With high efficiency and ‘modern traditional’ styling, the Bergen offers a fresh alternative for heating in today’s homes.



Wood Burning Stove

The small proportions of the Orion make it perfect for smaller living spaces such as a conservatory, hallway or outdoor snug.



Wood Burning Fire

High efficiency fireplace that can be used a traditional open fire or for greater efficiency and heat output you can close the elegant bi-folding doors.



Wood Burning Fire

Can either be built into a fireplace or combined with an optional canopy to create a stunning centrepiece for large fireplace openings and inglenooks.



Wood Burning Fire

Easy installation in the home; whether in a corner, against a straight wall or freestanding in the middle of a room.



Wood Burning Fire

Featuring a fantastic 7.4kW output, the Nordpeis N-20F is a wide format wood burning cassette fire capable of heating larger spaces.



Wood Burning Fire

X-25F is a unique new insert offering clean burning, even at lower running temperatures.